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The health network in Bad Zurzach

The health network in Bad Zurzach

With its motto «experience good health», Bad Zurzach communicates the objective that is common to all our offers: to preserve, restore or fortify your health.

The range of offers available at the therapy centres are perfectly complemented by treatments available at the SPA Medical Wellness Center and at the Zurzach Thermal Spa. Nutritionists, experts from the KSM Clinic for Sleep Medicine and specialists in traditional Chines medicine (TCM) are also part of the health network here in Bad Zurzach.

In a counselling session – on request with Dr. Nienke Pool, specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation – we will analyse your actual condition before then deciding together which therapies and measures should be taken in order to reach your personal health goals and sustain them long-term.

Sustain your health

Although overall life expectancy has risen steadily over recent years, so too have the pressures which your body has to withstand on a daily basis. Do you listen to your inner voice and do what is necessary to sustain your health? Do you treat your body with great care and provide it with a break in order to put its needs in focus? With the right health awareness and the many valuable tips, which we can give you when you are here in Bad Zurzach, lifelong good health and resilience well into old age is achievable.

Acute stress management

When your inner voice is no longer silent, but crying out loudly for help, you have probably already exceeded the threshold of physical stress and should urgently seek the help of experts. Signs of a clear call for help include insomnia, constant irritability, lethargy or depressive mood patterns.

We at the Thermal Spa Resort can put you in touch with a competent partner from the medical network, who can provide expert help for your particular concerns. For an initial telephone consultation, please get in touch with Mrs. Sonja Schernekau on +41 56 265 6650.



Offers for your health

A check-up with holiday feeling

The perfect combination of physical relaxation and active health care! Under expert supervision of the experienced specialists at the RehaClinic, your individual health programme will be tailored to your specific needs. Relax in the unique "Aquatherma" – an oasis of well-being – fed with Bad Zurzach mineral water.

Look forward to

  • Six nights’ accommodation in double/single room with breakfast buffet
  • Six evenings with an exquisite 4-course meal
  • Unlimited entry to the wellness world at the Zurzach thermal spa with sauna, steam bath and gym
  • Coffee, tea and mineral water à discrétion

Additionally at the RehaClinic

  • Medical examination on arrival and control check on departure
  • TTherapies individually tailored to you:
    • Four individual therapies (massages, Lymph drainage, physiotherapy)
    • Five physical therapies (warm and cold treatments)
    • Six group therapies, three of which are in water
  • Use of the Medical Training Therapy facilities
  • Five admissions to the thermal spa’s "Aquatherma" outdoor pool

This offer is bookable from Sunday to Saturday

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Schlafen wie auf Wolken

Bad Zurzach hat sich als Slogan auf die Fahne geschrieben "Gesundheit erleben". Zentraler Baustein von Erholung und Gesundheit ist ein guter Schlaf.

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