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Ob Reha-Kur oder Präventions-Therapie: Während Sie etwas für Ihre Gesundheit tun, verwöhnen wir Sie nach Strich und Faden.



Get healthy, stay healthy in Bad Zurzach

The Thermal Spa Resort in Bad Zurzach offers you a host of opportunities to do something for your health. Be it after an operation or illness, or also as preventative therapy.

Health spa in Bad Zurzach

The hot spring waters brought the first health spa guests to Zurzach in 1955 and the town quickly developed into one of the most important thermal health spas in Switzerland. The field of medical care has advanced significantly to this day, mainly thanks to the Foundation for the Promotion of Health Bad Zurzach + Baden. These days, the Thermal Spa Resort’s hotels, the Quellen Therapy Centre and the Centre for Holistic Therapy and Prevention are all part of the foundation’s work.

Thanks to close cooperation between the therapy centres and the hotels, rehabilitation and recuperation therapies are offered to guests recovering after surgery or illness. These days, the demand for preventative treatments that proactively protect our state of health is rising more and more.

Therapy indications for a health spa stay in Bad Zurzach

The therapy centres at the Thermal Spa Resort offer you a complete range of treatments as part of a health spa stay or in the course of a recuperation stay. For example:

  • after a joint replacement operation to restore the function of that part of the body and to gain independence again
  • after surgery to cope with daily activities and become symptom-free
  • to treat chronic pain according to the very latest research
  • after surgery or illness to gain strength and endurance
  • preventative measure to promote good health.

By the way:
The therapy centres also offer care services which can be costed separately to your health insurance, if applicable.

The therapy centres

Quelle Therapy Centre at Hotel Tenedo

At the Quelle Therapy Centre your therapy will take place in modern treatment rooms on the ground floor. There is direct access to the treatment rooms at the RehaClinic Bad Zurzach, which, among other things, includes a large exercise pool. The public thermal spa can also be reached along a direct passageway just 50 metres away.

In the same building you will find the recently renovated rooms at Hotel Tenedo. The breakfast room at Hotel zur Therme is reached along a covered walkway.

Centre for Holistic Therapy and Prevention at Hotel Zurzacherhof

Hotel Zurzacherhof ***Superior was reopened in 2016 and it’s here you will find the Centre for Holistic Therapy and Prevention. It is run by the same team as the Quelle Therapy Centre. A variety of treatment rooms, a medical room and a spacious gym ensure an optimal course of therapy.

In the same building you will find the completely renovated rooms at Hotel Zurzacherhof with modern electrically adjustable beds. In the building you will also find the breakfast room and restaurant, which is open from 11.30 a.m. to 11 p.m. All spas and the RehaClinic can be easily reached on foot and are just 150 metres away, or by using the free shuttle bus.


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